Hyacinth Orange is an urban floral design studio. In addition we offer botanic design services, also known as plantscaping, including installation and maintenance to enliven your commercial or residential space.


Floral Design

At Hyacinth Orange, we love to get creative and use local and seasonal products whenever possible in our arrangements for your wedding, event or space.

We have an eye for composition and our signature style is wild yet balanced, usually including a living component.

As flower stylists, we love to make flower crowns and accessories. Our studio excels at designing for a photoshoot or editorial.

Whether you have a small wedding, a weekly floral order, or large corporate event, Hyacinth Orange will put on that unique, finishing touch for you.

We now offer private classes teaching you and your group how to make flower crowns or terrariums, includes champagne or wine and snacks.

For a free consultation or any questions, contact us through the contact page.



Botanic Design

Hyacinth Orange is run by plant lovers with a green thumb and an eye for design.  We specialize in thoughtful plantscaping design and plant care.

We offer botanic design services that include design of your interior space, installation and weekly maintenance. You don't have to worry because with our maintenance package we replace any plants that don't look perfect.

Have an entryway or patio that could use a living touch? We also offer container gardening and living walls.

Let us create an urban jungle for you.

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Living Art

We create unique, custom framed living art pieces. Our favorite plant specimen is a staghorn fern, but we use other plants as well. There are many options for frames, size and if you want the back painted with designs before we mount the fern.

Terrariums are our specialty.  We can make you a custom terrarium of any size as a single order or as a recurring monthly plan for you home or business. 

We offer private terrarium classes for you and your group including champagne or wine and snacks.  P.S. This is a fun activity for your bachelorette party!

Contact us through the contact page for any special requests or free consulations.